Frequently Asked Questions

Have some pressing questions about the Green Card Lottery ?
We compiled a list of the most common Green Card Lottery questions we get from our clients:

DV Program / Green Card Lottery

The DV Lottery Program, or Green Card Lottery, is an official U.S immigration program that started in the 1990’s. The lottery offers an opportunity to people from around the world to live and work in the United States as legal residents.

After winning the DV Lottery, you will need to apply for the Green Card itself. In the Consular Interview – the final stage of the process – the U.S immigration officer will determine whether or not you will receive a Green Card.

There is a limited time period in which you can submit your Green Card Lottery entry. Usually, you will need to submit your entry between October – November. The specific dates may vary each year.

If you’re registered with Dream of USA, we will keep you informed about the upcoming registration period and submit you promptly.

Participating in the Green Card Lottery doesn’t have many requirements, but they are crucial for your participation. Generally speaking, you must be from an eligible country, meet education and work experience requirements.

You can use our online tool to easily check your eligibility.
If you don’t meet the requirements but your spouse does, they can fill out the registration form instead and submit it. If by the end of the entire DV Program process your spouse will get a Green Card approval, you will get it too.

Every year, you can submit 1 entry. However, if you have a spouse and/or children who are 18 years or older, each one can submit an entry too. Also, this will significantly increase your chances of winning the Green Card Lottery.

Absolutely! If you marry and/or have children within the 6-month time between your Green Card approval and physical delivery of the card, you will be able to extend it to your new family members.

When filling out the form, you must upload a digital photo that is at least 600×600 to a maximum of 1200×1200 pixels in size. Make sure that your photo is very sharp and that there are no visible pixels. It is no longer possible to submit analog photos to U.S authorities.

Dream of USA

Dream of USA is a private, online consultancy that specializes in United States immigration programs (we are not affiliated with the U.S government or any government agency).

In our experience, while registration for the Green Card Lottery is rather simple, the next steps have shown to be a challenge among non-native English speakers: early submission, document preparation and translation, meeting application requirements, and more.

This is why our aim is to guide you through the Green Card Lottery stages, from registration to the final Secular Interview. We provide full guidance and support, settlement solutions, and services designed to simplify the process for you.

Dream of USA has years of experience successfully submitting Green Card Lottery forms and applications. Hiring our services entitles you to a personal consultant who will accompany you at every stage; a private account where you can easily upload the documents you need and follow your application status; access to unique courses and other exclusive services offered by Dream of USA.

Dream of USA will personally inform you if you have been selected to apply for a Green Card. We will proceed to review your application form to ensure it complies with the Diversity Visa Lottery Program, and that it’s completed without error. If your Green Card application fails to meet the requirements, your account manager will notify you of any missing information.

Finally, Dream of USA will submit your Green Card application on your behalf to the U.S State Department and inform you of the upcoming Consular Interview. Your personal consultant will assist you with the final preparations.

You can apply for the DV Lottery Program on your own and for free on the U.S government website. That being said, many people who win the Green Card lottery and are selected to apply for a Green Card, get disqualified during the application process. Why does this happen so often?

Misunderstanding guidelines, grammatical mistakes, misplacing documents, and more, are common situations.

Our job is to help you pass the complicated part of the Green Card application process. Our user-friendly platform, online tools, and personalized services are designed to help you complete the Diversity Visa Lottery Program successfully. You won’t need to think twice when making your submission.

The U.S State Department doesn’t contact DV Lottery winners personally. Instead, you will need to check your results once they are published on the government website.

Alternatively, if you are a Dream of USA client, your personal consultant will notify you as soon as the results are in.

Dream of USA does not guarantee that you will win a Green Card. However, we do guarantee a hands-off process for you. Our goal is to successfully submit you to the lottery; ensure your application fully complies with the U.S State Department standards; and help you through each stage successfully.

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