About Dream Of USA

Dream Of USA is a private, non-governmental consultancy for United States visas and immigration. Our aim is to help people worldwide to successfully participate in the American Diversity Visa (Green Card) Lottery, and win the opportunity to permanently settle in the United States.

Our services are designed to simplify the DV Lottery application process, making it clear and seamless. We assist our clients in preparing their DV Lottery applications, meeting time-sensitive requirements, submitting them to the United States Department, and guiding them towards securing a USA Green Card. Since the registration period for the DV Lottery is held once a year, we will notify you promptly of your win and next steps towards obtaining your Green Card.

We understand that this is a life-changing opportunity and a life-long dream for many families around the world. With that in mind, we are committed to accompanying you from beginning to end, with the utmost courtesy and professionalism.

Why Choose us?

At Dream Of USA, we offer a diverse range of services and products to facilitate the process for a USA Green Card. Our team of professional consultants have extensive experience with the DV Lottery process, policies, and regulations. You can use our online tool to check your eligibility for the DV Lottery application. You may also contact us at any time regarding any inquiries.

Green Card Lottery Services

Dream Of USA has beneficial services to ensure you successfully pass all stages of your Green Card Lottery application. Registration is easy, but what comes next may be more complicated. Millions of people apply each year, and millions fail. Language barriers, unfamiliarity with United States application standards, deadline confusion, and more, are major contributors to disqualifications. Some of the most common situations include submitting Diversity Visa applications with mistakes, improper photos, failing to show at the Secular interview or otherwise, arriving unprepared.

What can we do for you?

Prepare Your Application And Photos In Compliance With The Green Card Lottery Standards

Submit An Error-free Dv Lottery Application On Time

Prompt Status Updates On Your Dv Lottery Application

User-friendly Eligibility And Application Forms For Your Convenience

Full Guidance By Our Wonderful Team Throughout The Dv Lottery Stages

24/6 Customer Support Assistance

As the leading service provider for Green Card Lottery applications, we wish to take you through the Green Card Lottery stages successfully. These stages include:

Registration / Eligibility

Before applying for the DV Lottery, you must ensure that you are eligible for the program. You must be a citizen of an eligible country; have a high school education; and 2 years of work experience in a qualifying occupation.


The official first stage of your DV Lottery application; it is the most complicated and time-consuming stage. We can assist you in completing your application with zero errors and 100% confidence.


Before submitting your DV Lottery application, our team will thoroughly review your entry to validate your information, check photo compliance, grammatical mistakes, etc.


After submitting all of the required documents, you will be invited for a Secular interview with a U.S immigration official. We will make the necessary preparations together.

Final Results

The U.S immigration officer will make the final decision on your case. If you get approved for a Green Card, you will be able to apply for your family members too.

Getting Started

Embark on your journey today!

Dream Of USA is a U.S based consultancy with extensive experience handling DV Lottery applications. You may utilize our online tools such as the eligibility assessment and application form to start the process.

Our experienced team of professionals are here to accompany you throughout the stages of your application process, ensuring your best possible chances of success.

If you and your family would like to move to the United States permanently, start here!