Lukas Müller

“Dream of USA is a great company! I should know because I was unfortunately scammed by another company before. They are reliable, transparent, and have a really nice team. I highly recommend.”

Olga Litvinova

“Applying for the Green Card was the smartest thing I did in my life. But I can’t take all the credit for getting a Green Card. Dream of USA were with me every step of the way, helped me complete all the stages, and arranged flights and accommodation for me when I was approved. This […]

Yorah I. Corleone

“Dream of USA provides a good and fast service. I don’t have complaints. Thank you.”

Fenrir G. Allen

“I didn’t actually expect to win the lottery! And it help having a professional review my application before submitting it. I’m now waiting for my final interview with USA officers. Thank you for helping me prepare for everything!”

José A. Martikainen

“My wife and I always fantasized about retiring in USA. How they say? It’s better late than never. We got our Green Cards last year thanks to Dream of USA. They help us with documents, interview preparation, translations… We highly recommend. Gracias!”

Frañseza Kröger

“Excellent service. I’m very happy with the assistance I received from Dream of USA. My account was very easy to use and the application process went smoothly”

Matilda Dreier

“It was hard to me to understand how everything works in the beginning, but Katie was nice and patient with me and she walked me through the requirements. I’m now waiting for my consular interview.”

Saoirse Doyle

“My husband and I applied for the lottery only for fun. We did it many times before because it’s free, so we didn’t care. But then we won! And then we didn’t know what to do. So, we found Dream of USA and they did a great job of helping us. We now live in […]

Ahmet Acar

“I didn’t like my consultant at first, I felt we lacked communication. But DreamofUSA reassigned me to Jake who understand me perfectly. He was quick, professional, and patient with all of my inquiries. I appreciate your service”

Sebastião Genkov

“Getting that phone call that I won the Green Card lottery was the best moment of my life. I don’t even remember the rest, just that my consultant helped me pass all the Green Card stages and that I finally got approved. Thank you, Dream of USA”